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10 Reason Why the Big Island Might Be The Perfect

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Are you considering retiring to Hawaii?

The Big Island could be your retirement destination

Big Island of Hawaii - Why You Should Retire in Hawaii 


Hi we are Stephen Proski and Therese McCarthy with Compass Hawaii and  Today we are going to talk about retiring in Hawaii and our 10 reasons why the big island might be the perfect retirement destination for you.


If this is your first time here, welcome. We are posting information  about life on the big island and real estate information.  If you have any questions, please leave us a comment below, we will get back to you shortly.  If you want to take story, feel free to reach out to any of our contact sources.  We love hearing from you


  Yes, Hawaii is among the top 5 states Americans want to retire in according to

 So you are considering retiring to Hawaii? 

Let’s get started with


#1 Sunshine and warm weather year round- the Big Island sees over 325 days of full or partial sunshine, making it a pleasurable destination 12 months a year. With temperatures between 75 to 85 degrees year round, it is no wonder why so many Americans want to leave behind those cold winter months and find their slice of paradise here in Hawaii.  There are over 8 eco systems here, so picking the right ones could get you more or less sun shining days all year.


 #2 Slow Island Lifestyle - Retirees seeking a slower pace of life from what they can find in cities across the mainland will love the emphasis on holistic living.  People here believe in protecting nature and the land. Island life is a different mindset than what you may have experienced in other states.  It’s is about slowing down and appreciating the world around you, rather than the fast pace hustle and bustle you maybe living now.   There is a commercial here for a local business that emphasizes island life, the quotes says “slow down this ain’t the mainland.”  That kind of gives you an idea what to expect here on the Big Island


 #3 Tax Breaks for Seniors – Yes, the Big Island does not tax social security income. That is a big benefit knowing that you are on a fixed income.  We have our senior days for getting discounts at stores around the island and if you are 60 and older and you purchase a property here and declare it as your primary residence, you qualify for discounted property taxes.  That alone can save you thousands of dollars each year.


#4 Beaches – One of the primary reasons why Therese and I decided to move here several years ago was the warm pacific ocean and the availability to be in the water all year long, not just a few months a year.  We have some beautiful and unique beaches on the Big island from black and green sand to white sand beaches. There are 266 miles of coastline and over 80 beaches here on the Big Island. The best part? There are no private beaches on the Big island; they are all public by state law. This means that any of the beaches on the island can be enjoyed by all travelers or seniors residing there. As a retiree you can visit them all and determine for yourself what are the best beaches on the Big Island

 Hawaii Beach

#5 More to Discover – Beyond the plush and expensive resorts along the Kona and Kohala coastline, there are so many areas for retirees to discover in places like Hawi, Waimea, Hilo and Volcano, just to name a few. These all are charming, relaxed, and peaceful parts of the island that are perfect for day trips with lots to do and see.


 #6 Golf Courses - Golf enthusiasts will fall in love with the Big Island quickly. There are 16 golf courses on the island, some private and some public. As a resident of Hawaii on the Big Island you automatically get a resident greens fee discount.  It’s called the Kama aina rate and it could be up to a 50% discount.  That might friends is a big savings if you are a golf enthusiast and live here on the island.

  #7 Restaurants – The Big islands culinary scene is mouth watering, especially where seafood is concerned. Retirees who love fresh seafood will have a hard time finding anywhere better in the world to live. Fresh poke bowls, lau lau, and more await at the many restaurants around the island.  You will also find pop up stands for fresh caught fish, hui chicken bbq stands, not to mention loads of farmer markets to enjoy


#8 Hiking - Staying active in retirement is a priority for many seniors, regardless of where you live.   With great weather year-round, the Big Island encourages retirees to get outside and stay in shape thanks to the many beautiful hiking trails throughout the island.

Green sand beachesgardens, rainforests, waterfallsvolcanoespetroglyphs- this and so much more awaits you on these incredible trails throughout the Big Island


 #9 Community - According to the CDC, nearly one-fourth of adults aged 65+ are considered to be socially isolated. Feelings of loneliness and social isolation can be enhanced by difficulties getting out of the house and into the community when you reside in cold winter areas.   Isolation can be a problem here for everyone not just seniors.  The Big islands weather, allows retirees to get out year-round, plus there is a community of like-minded seniors in the area participating in social events and community programs with which to make connections.


 #10 Affordable Flights - Many seniors may feel hesitant to move to the Hawaiian islands due to flight prices and travel times. Fortunately, the flight to Kona and Hilo is just six hours from the West Coast of the United States, plus the travel experience is less intensive than traveling abroad, given it's a domestic flight.  Yes, we have 2 international airports on the Big island of Hawaii and depending upon where you maybe coming from there are loads of direct flights to these locations.


Okay so that wraps up our 10 reasons why the Big Island could be you retirement destination in 2024.   If you liked this video can you hit the like button and if you would like more info about the big island just hit the subscribe button.  


As I mentioned, Therese and I wanted a slower pace of life, availability to be in the ocean year round and have loads of outdoor activities.  Then and we got the call to move to the big island and love it so much.   we hope you would do the same and we could be friends and neighbors. 


Let us know If you have any questions by contacting us at one of our resources or just leave us a comment.  We are here for you.


Have a great week.  Mahalo







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