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Properties with amenities like an ocean view only increases in value over time, since the common theme in real estate is location, location, location? Kailua Kona ocean view homes are no different! They are highly sought-after. Whether it is a single family home or condo, properties that overlook the ocean or have an ocean view from their lanai or backyard is what living the island life is all about. Ocean view properties for sale in Kailua Kona or anywhere on the Big Island is where most buyers start their real estate search. Read more about oceanview homes in Kailua Kona.



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About Kailua Kona Oceanview Properties

There are many homes for sale here in Kailua Kona and not all of them have views of something of significant importance. Views of the ocean on the Big Island are highly-desired homes and the closer to the water the better. Well, I guess that would also depend on what one is looking for. I have had the pleasure of viewing may homes that are situated on hillside lots that offer 180 degrees of the most impressive panoramic views one could find.

These properties tend to sell at a higher price point than just a property with a view of a garden, trees or no view at all. My experience with people moving to the Big Island, whether to live here permanently, purchase a vacation home or an investment property. Everyone wants a view of the ocean to enjoy.

Types of Oceanview Homes in Kailua Kona

The styles and types of homes in Kailua Kona range quite a bit, for you’ll find plantation style bungalows, sprawling luxury estates, water front condo and spacious townhomes. We have 2 types of ownership here, Fee Simple and Leasehold. Most people moving here are familiar with Fee Simple ownership, however Leasehold property ownership is not that well known in most places on the mainland

With leasehold ownership, you do not own the land where the physical property is located only the structure and you make regular lease payments to the landowner (like a landlord). The length of the lease period can range from 10 years to 50 years depending on how the lease agreement was setup originally. These types of property are typically owned by Hawaiian Trust groups and rarely do they every sell the land.

When running across these types of properties they tend to sell for significantly less than Fee Simple properties so you need to make sure the type of ownership you are getting with your purchase. If you would like more information about leasehold versus fee simple ownership, please hit the following link:  Contact Us For More Information About Leasehold vs Fee Simple Properties





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