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Great property only increases in value over time—and Kailua Kona oceanfront homes are no different! Incredibly sought-after, homes that overlook the ocean encompass what Hawaii living is all about… but there’s something particularly special about walking outside your door and stepping right onto the beach. Oceanfront homes for sale in Kailua Kona are the height of luxury, for there’s nothing else like feeling the fresh ocean breeze come right through your windows, and hearing the rush of the waves while relaxing on your Lanai. Read more about oceanfront homes in Kailua Kona.



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About Kailua Kona Oceanfront Properties

There are many homes for sale with views of the ocean on the Big Island, but the most highly-desired homes are right on the oceanfront.

These properties sell at higher price points—but with the features these homes come with, it’s most definitely worth it! Architecturally, these properties tend to be designed in a contemporary style, with multiple, sprawling buildings on each lot. Oceanfront properties often use large windows in their design, and also usually keep wide-hipped roofs and large porticos with multiple beams that are characteristic of the newer buildings on the island. As well, high-tech features are usually incorporated into the design of the home, usually with sustainability in mind. This can include solar panels or other energy-saving elements.

What to Know When Buying a Kailua Kona Oceanfront Home

When purchasing a oceanfront home in Kona, be aware of which areas are designated conservation zones. This will mean you may be limited when it comes to expanding your property and tackling certain construction projects. The protection of wildlife and the environment are extremely important. As well, zoning laws will dictate what you can and cannot build. This includes height restrictions, utilities, materials used, floor plans, and more. When purchasing a oceanfront property, be aware of these rules and regulations. If purchasing a lot with the intention of building your own oceanfront home, you will also need to be aware of what is approved for the area.

Be aware, as well, that the beaches in Hawaii are not privatized. Many oceanfront homes in Kailua Kona have beach access, but you may not always be alone on your stretch of beach. The fortunate part is that the oceanfront properties in Kailua Kona do not always have beaches that are easily accessible to tourists, or any others who might want to go for a quick dip. This is something to keep in mind when looking for a home, however, it is not usually an issue in this area. 

If you own a boat, it must be registered, and docking at Kailua-Kona Wharf (as well as Honokohau Small Boat Harbor) requires applications to be filled out.





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