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Aside from single-family homes, Kona also has a number of beautiful condos to choose from. Most of the available complexes are located between the areas of Kalaloa and Honalo, in the southern region of North Kona, which is the most urban part of the region. This allows residents access to shopping, restaurants, main roads for easy travel, and so much more. Read more about condos in Kailua Kona.

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About Kailua Kona Condos

Condos in Kona are predominantly located by the coast, with ocean views. Kona Seascape Condos, Hualalai Village, Kona Plaza, Kona Eastwind, Kona Westwind, Kona Pacific Condominiums, and Alii Banyan are all popular complexes, however there are many more available for you to discover. 

In terms of design, the complexes themselves—just like the homes in Kailua Kona—are subject to strict zoning laws and regulations. This ensures that all properties built in the area are safe, are not disrupting the natural features of the island, and that all new structures fit the style of the surrounding buildings. As a result, condos in Kailua Kona have strict height restrictions. 

In terms of architectural style, this varies from building to building, with some leaning towards ultra-contemporary, while others borrowing inspiration from California Mission style—a popular architectural style in many buildings in Hawaii. 

Can I Rent My Kailua Kona Condo? 

Condos can be rented out, however those interested are encouraged to check with each development’s rules and regulations, as well as the zoning laws for each area, which can vary significantly. For example, some areas only allow for long-term rentals. Be aware of the laws before considering purchasing property with the intent to rent it out. 

Amenities in Kailua Kona Condos

Many developments offer residents great amenities, such as outdoor spaces and barbecue areas, guest parking, a pool, additional private outdoor and storage spaces, and convenient locations close to shopping, dining, and entertainment. Of course, each property is different, so be sure to ask about amenities when searching for your dream condo. Because these complexes tend to be centrally located, residents enjoy the best of city life while also being close to the beach—and all the fun activities that come with living right by the water. 

Be aware that there are typically additional fees that come with condo living, such as a homeowner’s association fee. This is often higher than in other states, due to the fact that island living presents a few unique costs, including exterior maintenance due to environmental factors.




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