Thinking about retiring to Hawaii?  Then you need to consider Kailua Kona

Planning for retirement is a major decision and you need to make sure you have a big enough nest egg to meet your daily cost of living expenses.  We are by no means the cheapest place to retire to, nor are we the most expensive.  So here are my eight reasons why you want to retire in Kona, Hawaii. 

Retiring In Kona, Hawaii



  1.     Home prices here can range from $300,000 for a one bedroom condo to $30,000,000 plus for a luxury estate.  Yes, we have something for just about everyone.  We’ve seen people moving  here from west coast cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle sell their homes, take their proceeds and pay cash for properties here in Kailua Kona.

A great benefit to retiring in Hawaii is we have the lowest real estate property taxes in the United States at .280%   Seniors who are 60 years or older are eligible to apply for an additional property tax exemption of 96K and those 70 and old 120K. 

Quality of Life

  1.     Retiring in Kailua Kona, Hawaii means less stress and a happier life.  The CDC Center for Decease Control reports that Hawaii residents have the highest life expectancy rate throughout the United States at 80.9 years.  People who live here say that smiling, weather, laughter, outdoor activities, community all contribute to happier way of life.

 Life Style

  1.     Retiring in Kailua Kona Hawaii does not mean you stop working and just sit around and watch the sunset each day.  This is a great time to find new friends, explore your passions that you have been considering for years like art, photography, music, dance, sports and many water adventures.   We have plenty of clubs to get involved with that you can spend 365 days a year meeting new people and creating community - Kaiaulu 


  1.     According to Travel and Leisure the Kailua Kona area has 3 of the 13 Best Places to Retire if you are a Golf Lover.   Yes, we have the Club at Hokulia, Mauna Kea and the Four Seasons at Hualalai.   These are just some outstanding golf course communities not just in Hawaii but the entire United States.  We also have other great golf courses here in the Kailua Kona that I know you will enjoy.   A benefit to living here is you can get a discount of up to 50% on your green fees at most all our golf courses.


  1.     As we get older and more concerned about our surroundings crime always needs to be considered because we want to live in a safe place.    Kailua Kona Hawaii has low crime rate as compared to most cities in the Untied States both on violent crime and personal property crimes.  We are a small town not a large city so people tend to look out for their neighbors


  1.     Healthcare as a senior is one of the bigger concerns you may have as you start considering retirement. Can I find a doctor, what options are there being on an island?    These are questions you might have.   According to US News Hawaii was rated as one of best states for healthcare access and quality.

We have one major hospital here in Kailua Kona, the Kona Community Hospital.  Our other major hospital on the Big Island is the Hilo Medical Center over in Hilo.  If you can’t get treatment or services in Kailua Kona, we are just a 45 minute plane ride away to Honolulu and that is pretty common here with certain medical procedures.  


  1.     When considering retirement and where you want to live you may ask yourself will I fit in to my new community.   Well Hawaii is a melting pot of many diverse cultures.  According to the census bureau of Hawaii’s residents 38.6% were Asian, 24.7% Caucasian, 10% Pacific Islander, 8.9% Hispanic and roughly 1.6% African. Our diverse culture can be attributed to our rich history of immigration

My number 8 reason to retiring here is

Your family and friends will want to come visit you……  Yes, Hawaii is a destination location and people want to live, work and vacation here in Kailua Kona.  If you live in a tropical destination, your kids and grand children will want to come visit you more often.   Depending on your family that is a bonus and not a draw back, just saying.

So I hope I was able to address why Kailua Kona is an awesome place to live and retire  If you want more information about moving here, please request my Free Relocation Guide FREE Relocation Guide.  I will send it to you with no strings attached.  

Mahalo for watching!.

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